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The speed of the fast fashion industry has resulted in us buying more, wasting more but also increased our dissatisfaction with our bulging wardrobes. We know less (or nothing) about where our clothes from and the price of our $2 tank tops are paid by the workers who put them together.


We believe that our consumer choices do matter and do shape our global community. Our goal is to provide a platform of designers who make a difference and we want those pieces to be ethical as well as aesthetically beautiful. For those with a flight of fancy our newest brand, Bonheur, works intricate pieces of lace pieces in partnership with Creative Handicrafts in the slums of Bombay. Berlin-based designer, Isabell de Hillerin, works with women in the Moldovan community to sustain traditional craft. Head east, and we have our neweset minimalist brand, KAAREM, which works with their in-house workshop to create their Vietnamese inspired shirts and dresses. Eco-cult favourite, ace & jig, bring back playful patterns in 100% cotton woven on an ancient hand loom in India. Keep it all rolled up and tucked in with Royal Blush's belts in salmon skin and vegetable tanned calfskin and embellish with semi-precious stones from NALLIK to keep your shine on.



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New In!

The Obsidian Chalet Dress

Winter woes? Just pair the Chalet Dress with stockings and boots.



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Rainbow Fluorite

Semi-precious raw fluorite set in brass. Made in Berlin $142

New In!

The Tinsel Patch Scarf for colorless winters. By ace & jig

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