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"NEW YORK, United States — There is a two-part solution to making the fashion industry more sustainable. Part one is what consumers can do. Part two is what the industry can do.


By and large, mass market and established fashion houses are not doing a great job at eco-conscious production, no matter what they tell us. They are running archaic and eco-destructive production systems and business models and their sustainable policies are often damage control, with a lot of PR sparkle but very little substance.


Meanwhile, smaller independent brands with sustainable production models built into their DNA are widely available. And unlike more established brands, they do not have to undo their global production systems, or convince investors that money must be spent to re-make the system that has made them wealthy.


If consumers purchased from the huge number of lesser-known fashion houses that have made sustainability an integral part of their business models, we’d be on our way to a solution."

By Rachel Kibbey, Founder of Helpsy #itsnotjuststella read the the rest of the article on BOF 

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The Sway Biker Jacket

The classic biker jackets inspired by music, street culture and Australian landscapes. Former Design Director for Li & Fung, Belinda Pasqua created The Sway, having witnessed tons of fabric and leather being rendered as waste at factories around the world. Each piece in her collection is handmade from 100% reclaimed leather.  All excess leathers are sourced from a certified sustainable factory in Pakistan (that makes motorcycle accessories), powered using advanced natural alternative energy sources. All the linings for the jackets, as well as all hangtags and packing materials are made of 100% recycled paper and cotton fibers. 





The Building Blocks

Spring's Linens

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That Sumer Dress

For midsummer night parties, this Isabell de Hillerin raw silk dress is your go-to for an effortless ensemble. Now50% OFF



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Spring Basics

The iconic T-shirt stripped down to the essential cut and finish. 100% organic cotton, rainfed.

Bestseller Basics

This week's favourite buy: your man's sweatshirt in petal pink. GOTS certified cotton. Made in LA. $58

Why Sustainability in Fashion Matters

We've started a collaboration with Conscious Magazine to talk about the importance of addressing sustainability and the environment in fashion.

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