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A fashion workshop created by dreamers who have made your dreams come true for many years, made their old dream come true. A small hat production, in which a lot of effort and a whole sea of love has been invested.


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A collection of katonye
created by the best masters
of fashion beauty style.

Winter collection

A collection of katonye
created by the best masters
of fashion beauty style.

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How To Protect Your Teeth In Boxing? 5 Tips

Boxing can be a physically demanding sport, and like any other physically demanding sport, there is the risk of injury. One of the most frequent injuries sustained by boxers is to their teeth. Of course, no one wants to lose their teeth, but the good thing about boxing is you know its coming. Here is a quick guide to five effective tips to protect your precious teeth while boxing. If you want to know more tips to protect your teeth in boxing, you should Browse around fightgearguide.

  1. Wearing a Mouth Guard

The essential piece of equipment for the boxer is their mouth guard. The mouth guard fits over teeth and covers your gums and lips to protect you from getting hit in the face, and if you do get hit in the face, it will absorb the shock from the impact. The only problem is that boxers often don’t want to wear a mouth guard because they think they will look stupid or are worried about breathing issues.

  • Practice Defense

The most important thing for the boxer to have is a strong defense to protect their teeth. The mouth guard is an excellent piece of equipment to help with this. A great way to practice your defense is by using your hands and elbows as blockers. If someone hits you in the face now, you will be prepared for it.

  • Use Headgear

Headgear is an excellent piece of equipment as well. The Headgear protects the boxer from cuts and scrapes that can cause bleeding in the eyes, hindering their ability to box. It also protects your teeth, which can see the damage, especially if someone is throwing chops and hooks at you; the ringside doctor will probably not let you continue without this piece of equipment.

  • Mouth Pieces

When you’re practicing your defense or working on any other type of punch, make sure that you wear a mouthpiece. The reason for this is if you practice without one and happen to get hit in the mouth, it will hurt, and even though experts recommend using the elbow and hand method for blocking, sometimes the punches will slip through. In addition, it helps you to protect your teeth from damage or other injuries.

  • Avoid Teeth Punches

Lastly, there are punches in boxing that can cause damage to your teeth where you don’t even feel it. For example, the uppercut is a punch from the opponent that hits you in the chin with the top of your fist, which causes a lot of damage and pain. Of course, if you take good care of your teeth or have a dentist who does, then there’s no reason for you to lose teeth while boxing. But you should very carefully avoid teeth punches that come from your opponents.

These five are the best tips that help you protect your teeth in boxing. If you are a boxer or want to box at the ring, you should consider these essential tips to improve your results while maintaining your safety.